Buckwheat Pillow Basics

Buckwheat Pillow Basics

Although not the most common, buckwheat pillows are some of the oldest and most traditional sleep accompaniments around the globe, particularly in Asia. Traditionally known as a Sobakawa, a buckwheat pillow is simply a cotton casing filled with the hulls of the buckwheat seed to create a firm yet malleable headrest. Due to their unique filling, these pillows are incredibly cooling and supportive, allowing for a plethora of positive features. Switching to a buckwheat pillow benefits not only your sleep, but your whole body as well.

Better Support

Because buckwheat pillows are small and solid, they roll around in your pillow and form to your body. Consequently, buckwheat pillows take on the same characteristics of memory foam and hold your shape, molding to support your specific needs. This is especially important if you have chronic neck or joint pain, as the buckwheat hulls will move to cradle the more delicate parts of your body. Similarly, many users find that their spine and head stay fully aligned when using a buckwheat pillow, reducing back pain and potential nerve trauma. In addition, because buckwheat pillows are easily adjustable by removing or adding fill, they can be custom made just for you. 

Stops Sleep Apnea

For individuals who snore in their sleep, a buckwheat pillow is a great way to stop bothering your roommate or partner. Because of their unique alignment properties as mentioned above, buckwheat pillows keep your posture correctly aligned, allowing your airways to remain fully open and reducing noise. Even if you toss and turn, the malleable properties of the buckwheat hulls allow the pillow to move around you, keeping your posture perfect no matter your position. 

Increases Cooling Airflow

Especially for hot sleepers, buckwheat pillows are a great way to stay cool at night and reduce sweating. Unlike memory foam or down, which traps heat due to their large puffy structure, buckwheat pillows are notoriously cold even when tightly compressed. Because buckwheat hulls are independent, small solid objects, they allow cool air to easily flow through and around your pillow. In addition, due to their organic nature, buckwheat hulls are unable to hold heat, meaning that they will not heat up even if you sweat. 

All Natural and Hypoallergenic

Because buckwheat pillows are made from organic buckwheat hulls, they have unique hypoallergenic properties that ward off mold, bacteria, bugs, dust mites, and more. Particularly for those individuals who often go to bed dirty or sweaty, buckwheat is a great natural protector from potential allergens. In addition, these pillows are incredibly sustainable since they are made using only the buckwheat hulls, meaning that others can enjoy the nutritious fruit without wasting the byproduct. Furthermore, when you are done with your buckwheat pillow, you can reuse the pillow case and allow the hulls to biodegrade, although with proper care buckwheat pillows can last over a decade.

The Bottom Line

It might take you a little bit to get used to the idea of using a buckwheat pillow, but ultimately, the all-natural headrest has far more pros than cons. By simply switching your pillow, you can feel more supported and cool with simultaneously supporting the environment. Overall, buckwheat pillows will provide you with the best sleep possible, so why not switch today? 


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